Weaponizing Social Media to Leverage Hate Speech

In the wake of the horrific one man pogrom on Saturday in Pittsburgh, the problems with social media has risen to the attention of the citizenry once again.  Since most legitimate web sites claim to filter out hate speech, the "good people on both sides"...as described by Mr. Trump, have had to settle for their own little corner of the "swamp," called Gab, which welcomes hate speech.  One of the hundreds of thousands of white nationalists was quioted in the paper as saying that "Free speech will always win!"....What a misnomer for spewing their neo-Nazi garbage!!

As it turns out, free speech is not always free.  It is paid for with the blood of innocents who are targeted by the "good people" while armed with assault rifles.  One blood bath after another has created more deaths than are created by wars.  The hysteria and fear endemic in the extreme right helps to embolden and enable those who would Nazify America.  Just as it has long been illegal and against the intention behind the First Amendment to enable a free expression of ideas by yelling FIRE in a crowded theater, there has been an equal misuse of the Second Amendment.

When enacted, the Second Amendment provided for the creation of a "militia" which was the backbone behind the military and other law enforcement agencies.  This is a legitimate application of that portion of the amendment.  HOWEVER, when the right to "bear arms" was enacted, the only available arms were muskets.

Does every home and school really need to have a "musket"....  This was before our forefathers (no mothers) even imagined assault rifles.  The mass shooters of schools, churches, mosques and synagogues have all been white, home-grown males enabled in their nefarious intentions by an arsenal of weapons which should never have been made available for purchase.  The fear generated by ignorance or lies that there is a danger at the "border" or by a "caravan" 1000 miles away is obliterated by the REAL DANGER of the instruments of war available to every zealot, bigot, anti-Semite, or delusional individual.

THERE MUST FINALLY be an outcry by the citizens of both parties to de-legitimize NON free speech and to de-fund the NRA and their puppets of both parties.  The existence of this horrific national danger is greater to the safety and health of all our countrymen and women and their children than the worst flu, polio, or other health epidemic that this country has faced.