My Two Cents About Fifty Cent

The recent announcement of the rapper, 50 Cent (aka Curtis James Jackson III), filing a Chapter 11 claim in U.S. Bankruptcy Court is an obvious attempt to avoid having to pay for the equally obvious and unwise decision to post a sex tape of Lastonia Leviston, in order to embarrass his rival, Rick Ross, with whom Ms. Laviston was romantically involved, if they still call that ‘romance’.  Coincidentally, Mr. Jackson was also supposed to make an appearance in a New York state court to explore the possibility of punitive damages to Ms. Laviston on the same day that he filed bankruptcy.  

This is what happens when someone violates someone else’s privacy by posting sex tapes on the Internet.  You get sued, and the poster usually loses, as is evidenced in this case.

According to Forbe’s Magazine, Mr. Jackson is worth well over $150 million, which makes the $5 million in damages seem somewhat affordable.  

It is likely that the bankruptcy filing may be dismissed, based on Mr. Jackson's reported wealth.  The cost to the court system for processing this claim, however, will cause the already overburdened court system to incur unnecessary costs, which cost is borne by the taxpayers.  Had the lovely Ms. Laviston not memorialized her sexual activities, had the ex boyfriend not been an "ex"... had the two men not been childish in their rivalry, etc. this could all have been avoided.  

This tale has several morals, as in Grimm's or Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales... or today's tales...

1) For want of a nail, a kingdom was lost;

2) One is never sorry for something they didn't say (or do);

3) No good deed goes unpunished;

4) Sex is best enjoyed in private;

5) Love conquers all;

6) Don't be penny wise, and dollar foolish;

7) A dollar saved is a dollar earned;

8) A stitch in time saves nine; 

9) A fool and his money are soon parted;

10) All that glitters is not gold