Roz Zukerman

With a bachelors in psychology and a masters in counseling, family law was a natural progression for Roz.

"In criminal law, you find the worst people at their best, and in family law, you find the best people at their worst. Family law deals with real issues that affect the future of good people who are dealing with life challenges and its potential impact on children."

An exemplary 95% settlement record has won Roz the admiration and respect of her clients and peers. You won't be in better hands. If settlement isn't possible, Roz's experience in litigation comes into play and her team will work tirelessly to provide a focused, effective, and aggressive approach.

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Simply put, our approach is to avoid costly litigation. We pride ourselves on a 95% settlement rate. That not only avoids a contentious legal battle, but it avoids the monetary and physical toll on a family from which it is hard to recover.

When we meet you and assess the situation that has brought you to us, we take a realistic stance that is based on our many decades of experience in life, and in the courtroom.  We don't make promises that raises false hope.  We deal with your situation as we would with a member of our family.  When you hire us, you become a member of our family, making your challenge our challenge.

We like challenges.  Even more, we like winning cases that turn that challenge into an opportunity for our clients that bring closure, satisfaction and a better environment for everyone involved.




The RLZ Team

The team assembled at The Law Offices of Rosaline L. Zukerman bring unique skills and experiences to the table, and can refer you to the appropriate expert specialists who will accommodate your needs during mediation, settlement discussions, and litigation, as well as post-judgement issues.

No matter what your legal challenges are, our skilled lawyers and associates will work out a strategy that has your best interests in mind.

Some of us speak Spanish and Russian.